I have seen a lot of pieces of furniture lately that have been stencilled and I was getting the itch to do a few pieces myself.

I found the perfect piece to stencil.  It is an old solid maple trunk.  The only problem was that it sat directly on the legs.  I knew that wouldn’t work well.  I wanted to add some height and get it off the ground.


Last year someone gave me a bunch of oak spindles that I had put on a shelf in the garage. Some people think I am a little crazy because I knew that at some point I would have a use for them.  I took one of them and cut it in 4 to make the legs for the bottom of the chest.

I painted the whole thing with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – Old White and then got to doing the stencilling.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out.  Don’t get me wrong none of this was easy…from cutting the spindles to the proper size and making sure they were all the same size to the hours it took me to do all the stencils.

IMG_6128 IMG_6129 IMG_6126 IMG_6125

As I was trying to decide what stencils to put on the piece and where to place them my teenage son came up with the great idea of adding a Canadian flag to it.

I believe the flag is just what this piece needed!

IMG_6124 IMG_6123

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2 Responses to FUN WITH STENCILS!

  1. Yvele says:

    Really love this piece especially the flag!

  2. Thanks Yvele! It was so exciting to see it all finished. I have to give the credit for the flag to my 17 year old son, it was his idea.

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