Annie Sloan in person!

I started this post and it looks like I left it in my draft folder.  So much has happened since then but it is time to get back to writing this.

I was invited to meet Annie Sloan when she came to Montreal.  I couldn’t believe that I was to meet her in person.  For those of you who don’t know, Annie Sloan is the creator of the fabulous chalk paint that I use on all my projects.  She is the most wonderful woman who has time for everyone that meets her.

I was a little nervous but more because I was driving to Montreal from Ottawa.  But I was going to meet the Annie Sloan.  She was doing a cross Canada tour and even though she wasn’t coming to Ottawa, Montreal was just 2 hours away so I was going.

IMG_5648 IMG_5649

I had a passenger for the trip there but coming home it was going to be just me and it would be late.  If you have ever been to Montreal it is a difficult city to get around, always construction.  I had my handy, dandy GPS with me and even though we don’t always see eye to eye I knew I needed to put our differences aside and let her guide me home.  I remember one time I was driving back from Georgia and the GPS kept telling me to stay right and I figured she was wrong so I stayed left.  It wasn’t till I was well into Kentucky that I knew I should have listened to her.

Now that I have gotten off track I will get back to my evening in Montreal.  It was the most amazing evening.  I met some other chalk painters but the most important was Annie Sloan of course.  Did I mention what a wonderful time it was meeting Annie Sloan!  She is the most amazing lady.


I am pretty sure she was exhausted with the schedule of flying across Canada but she still managed to have time for everyone there.  She even did a demo and answered all the questions with a certain grace. I am sure she has been asked the same question over and over but she still smiled and answered them like it was the first time she was asked.

Needless to say I did manage to make it back home that night but not before I headed to Laval and then had to turn around.  I really tried to listen to the GPS but I just couldn’t follow her.  Oh well!


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