What goes into pricing painted furniture


Painted furniture has always been around but lately it has become the rage.  Take a look at Pinterest and there is all sorts of painted furniture in some shape or form.  Thrift stores and people selling on Kijiji and Craigs List know this and lately the prices are creeping up by quite a bit.

I believe that it will be around still for years to come.  If we weren’t buying furniture to restore I have to wonder how much of it would end up in landfills.

Refreshing, restoring and refurbishing is in!!!!!

Every once so often when I sell a piece of furniture I have people that offer a ridiculous price.  I know most people aren’t being hateful…..they are just merely thinking painted furniture sometimes costs more than they think it is worth.

It bothers me and other furniture sellers.  I know there are times when some thing do get overpriced but for the most part I believe painted furniture or any other handmade item is underpriced.

What people need to realize is that they are getting a solid piece of furniture that has been around for many years and some as long as 100 years.  The other thing is that they are not usually getting something that was made in a factory who knows where.  This furniture was usually made by hand in a small shop in a small town.  It was crafted and a lot of love and devotion went into the craft.

It is the same way we feel about our craft of bringing a piece out of hiding and to be loved again.  We put a lot of love and devotion into doing this.

I don’t think most people realize what goes in to painting a piece of furniture.  I will try and break down what goes into painting that piece.

Let’s say I have an end table/side table for sale like the one picture above for $85. (this table is actually for sale)

I bought it for $30. But before that I had to find it.  That meant looking through all the  Kijiji ads.  Sending out a ton of emails hoping that the person with this item would respond to my email and it would still be available.  Then I had to make arrangements to pick up the table which wasn’t down the street.  I had to go to another town to pick it up.

I spent money on gas and my time is worth something.

Then, after I found the table, I bought it and brought it home (thankfully this piece fit in my vehicle, larger pieces I have to find someone that can help me!).

Then I had to clean the table and do any minor repairs that might be needed.  Sometimes the drawers don’t slide well or the legs are wobbly and need to be glued or cracks need to be fixed.

Then I get to  paint it.  If I didn’t have the paint colour I need I would have to drive to Malenka Originals, the store I deal with for all my paint.  This paint is actually only available at one shop at the other end of the city I live in.

Then I might stain the top or stencil it and distress it and hand wax the piece. 

If it was a piece that required drawer pulls I would drive to the store and see what I could find to suit the piece.

And put the piece back together.  Take pictures of it and post if on Facebook and Kijiji for sale.  Then I wait and hope the piece sells.

So that piece of furniture you thought was priced too high…is worth every penny. When I think of how much time I spend on some pieces of furniture and what I make on it……The piece above probably broke down to me making way less than $10 an hour.

I paint furniture because I love it and I get just as much joy finding a new piece as I do painting it and giving it a new life.

Please don’t make me feel bad for pricing pieces the way we do.

If you know someone who is trying to make a living off of painting furniture….please support them!  We are not getting rich painting furniture.  We all do it because we love it!!!

And please buy the antique half moon table posted above!!

I would also like to to give credit to The  Magic Brush who gave me the inspiration to write a post like this after seeing her post.  🙂

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