2013 Christmas Craft Sale

I always attend one craft sale a year every November.  For many years I have talked about having a craft sale in my home also.


I figured this was the best way to showcase everything that I do.  I invited my Mom to come over with her items also and then I set about getting the house in order.  I always thought I had a big house till I started setting everything up.


Before I knew it I had crafts in the living room, dining room, family room, kitchen and even down the front hall.


But at least I could put everything out that I make.  The task was then to invite people, that’s where Facebook helped…I sent invites out to everyone I knew and advertised continually every couple of days.  I put flyers in mailboxes and advertised at work.  I decided to have it for 2 days since I have heard from people that if they forget one day they could always come the next.


The first person arrived at the start and people arrived throughout the day.  For me this was a really great way to showcase so much in one place and I know I will try and make this an annual event.


As with any craft sale I was truly exhausted at the end of the day and was not even able to stay awake to watch a movie or read a book…zzzz

IMG_5935 IMG_5929

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