Throughout our lives we cross paths with many people.  Some come into our lives for a short time and others stay with us forever.

One of those that will stay with me forever is my BFF, Mimi.  We shopped together, had travelled together and of course drank wine together.

These pictures are from a weekend trip we took a few years back to Atlantis, Bahamas.


Mimi’s life was devoted to Alain, just as the wedding vows stated that they took so many years before…in sickness and in health.


Sadly, during the early years of our friendship her ‘Chéri d’amour’ was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.   Life was never to be the same.  They loved to travel and have many dinner parties with their friends, but this was all coming to an end.  Mimi resigned from her position at the office and set out to spend her time with Alain.


They would dance just as they always did to some of their favourite songs like Blue Spanish Eyes and C’est si Bon.

Alain succumbed to Alzheimer’s July 15, 2013.

Life was not to get any easier for Mimi, not only was she heartbroken over the loss of Alain, she was entering the battle of her life.  This was faced with the same strength and determination she always demonstrated.


I am honoured to have been a part of Mimi’s life.  We laughed and cried together over the years.  We had silly girl nights and many shopping dates.

Unfortunately, Mimi lost her battle on November 1st, 2013.

She is now in the arms of her ‘Chéri d’amour’.

You will never be forgotten and will always be missed!


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  1. Yvele says:

    Take care. I am so sorry for your loss of your close friend. Mimi impressed a lot of people at Statistics Canada personally and professionally. She was well respected.

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