New additions

I love vintage and antique items…especially if they are a little different then an everyday find.  I was lucky to have one of those days today.  First I took a look on the UsedOttawa site and saw this great cedar chest.

34537087_614The chest is a * WATERFALL Red Cedar GEORGIAN CHEST (Trunk) by NABCO *
NABCO or otherwise known as The North American Bent Chair Co. LTD. from Owen Sound Ontario was established in 1891 and produced this nice Red Cedar Georgian Chest. Also called a Waterfall Chest or Cedar Trunk.

I know it looks a little rough but for me it was perfect!  It meant that I could re-do it and not have any guilt.  The veneer is peeling away on the top and also on the bottom front and bottom sides.  No worries, I will just peel the rest of it off.  This will not be easy.

34537094_934The inside of this is in pristine condition so thankfully I won’t have to do anything to it.

I am going to research to try and find an easy way to remove the veneer but in the meantime if anyone has a trick please let me know.


Then I received an email from an antique dealer that I have purchased from before.  He had a few pieces that he thought I might be interested in.  I picked these 4 pieces and they get delivered tomorrow.

This is an antique mahogany gramophone.  I am really anxious to get this piece…my mind is just going in circles thinking of the different ideas I have for it.

004 005

This next piece is an antique radio cabinet.  The two doors on the front actually open and there is no back on it so the possibilities are endless.


009Next is a vintage telephone table. I like the lines on this as it will fit in any decor.

And last but not least is this antique pine table.  I am not sure the exact size of it but I do know that I don’t want to do it in Duck Egg Blue.


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2 Responses to New additions

  1. Interesting pieces. Veneer is a pain to remove. I wouldn’t recommend removing more than you have to. You need an old iron and a wet cloth, as you heat it up the veneer will start to lift and you can push, scrape etc with a putty knife. Do it outside if you can because the shellac gives off fumes. The piece will look great painted.
    Cathy Haley

    • I had another piece I was working on and ended up sanding it. Oh my gosh that took forever and a ton of sandpaper. I had tried just a wet cloth and that didn’t do it, I will try the wet cloth and old iron on this on. The veneer on the front drawer is in good shape so I might keep that as is and remove all the rest. Thanks so much for the hint.

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