Refreshed Furniture Pop-Up Shop

There is this great little shop in Ottawa on Brittania 1229886_594648410597662_815645112_nRoad called Malenka Originals.  This is where I buy all my AS Chalk Paint and supplies.

Katrina, the owner of the shop, organized a Pop-Up Market to celebrate her 1st anniversary.  She turned the parking lot into a market and many of us were invited to bring some of our pieces and ‘show and sell’.

This was such a great idea.  Katrina promoted it through our local tv station, radio station, magazine and many other places.


Not only was this a great idea to showcase pieces it was also great to talk to other people that do the same thing.  Some of these people I follow on facebook and it was nice to finally meet them in person.

As the weather goes, it was beautiful everyday that week.  Couldn’t have had better weather for September…then Saturday came and so did the rain.  I had just finished packing up the vehicle a little after 9am and the sky opened up.  I don’t think the weather stopped people from coming to the market because it was busy all day.


Here are a few of the pieces that I had with me.


I think this was a great idea and look forward to being able to attend more of these markets in the future.

IMG_1410 IMG_1411 IMG_1412 IMG_1413

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