My first quilt

I think we always remember the first of everything we did and that goes without saying when it comes to remembering the first quilt I ever made.  It was for my sister’s baby shower.  I had made a basket full of things for my sister including bibs and receiving blankets but the hit of the shower was the crib size quilt I made.  At that point in my life I was into making all my gifts and had some leftover pieces of flannel that I used to make pj’s and nightshirts for Christmas one year.  I had no idea what kind of quilt I was going to make but I knew I wanted to make something special.  I pulled out the scraps and started working away.

kelly joshAs I said this was made from scraps of pj’s and that included some from gifts I had made my Dad.  He arrived later when the shower was almost finished but he was a little surprised when people commented how they saw his pj’s.  He thought some of the women had been in his dresser drawer.  That’s what makes this quilt so special because the fabrics were leftovers of gifts everyone had received from me at some point.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture on my computer from the shower but here is my sister with her son Joshua Pollard a couple of years later.

kelly josh1This was his blankie!   My sister passed away September 13, 2000, the same year this picture was taken.  This picture was taken with her son Josh ringing in the New Year 2000.


I often wonder if that quilt is still around and if Josh knows anything about the little squares of fabric and what they mean.  This is a picture of Joshua Pollard in 2010 at around 15 years of age.  This year he will be 18 years old and probably looks not much different.

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One Response to My first quilt

  1. Carolyn says:

    touching…Kelly is so proud of you for never giving up. You will be reunited with him one day and he will see that you never stopped loving him.

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