From pants to quilt!

I love creating! 

A few years back I wanted to make a quilt but didn’t want to use anything from my fabric stash.  I just wanted to do something a little different.  If anyone knows me I don’t lack clothes in my closet.  It doesn’t mean I wear the clothes, they are just there.

corduroy quiltI pulled out a few pairs of corduroy pants, around 6 or 7 pairs, and started cutting.  I had no idea what the finished quilt would look like or what size it would be.  Once I had all the squares cut I placed them on my bed to start working on a pattern…for some reason I like to use a bed to get an idea whether I like the look or not.  Now who said men don’t like quilts?

It was a man that purchased this quilt from me and it was the second this quilt from me and it was the second time he bought one of my quilts.  pocket quilt

I don’t like to waste anything, so with the pockets I decided to make a second quilt.  Yes these are actual pockets from the pants and they still function as pockets.

I am sure that my Scottish Grandmother would be so proud that I find a use for old clothes.

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