Picture Quilt

A couple of years ago my Mom’s favourite cousin Cindy, was turning 60 years young!  My Mom wanted to give her something really special to celebrate this event.

Birthday quiltSo I got to work.  But not before my Mom had to figure out how to get some pictures sent up to us without Cindy knowing.  That was not going to be easy.

Cindy’s daughter, Tiffany loved being a part of this secret and sent a bunch of pictures up.  My Dad printed these on special photo fabric and I went ahead with the planning of the quilt.

There were pictures from birth all the way up to the last family picture with her Father.

Needless to say that when the gift was opened both Cindy and my Mom were crying…did I mention that this is my Mom’s favourite cousin.  They don’t get to see each other very often as Cindy and her family live in the U.P. and we live in Ottawa.  Growing up these two were inseparable.   When they get together there is no day and night, it is just one big catch up session for the 2 of them and I don’t think anyone can keep up!

In case you don’t know where the U.P. is, that is the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.


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