Julie’s Quilt

Julie is my daughter that lives in Georgia…

When she was in school she took sewing classes and she made the most beautiful clothes for her brothers and sisters. Being my daughter, she kept all the leftover fabric figuring I could do something with it. One day when she came to visit she brought this box of fabric with her. I was able to make a couple of dresses for my other daughter Caitlin and then I tucked the box aside.

Julies quiltTime passed and Julie graduated and went on to do her post-secondary in nursing. I made her some nursing uniforms and you guessed it, I kept the leftover fabric. I decided to make her a memory quilt with all the fabric.

Seeing that she was a Canadian living in the States I found some fabric with the Canadian and American flags on it to use as the borders.  The rest was done with the fabrics that were in the box she sent me and and leftovers from the nursing scrubs I made her.

I was really proud to make this quilt but I was even more proud to give her something that had memories for her.

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