Jean Quilts

IMG_0844 denim quiltThe one thing I will always enjoy doing is working with something that would otherwise be discarded, even clothing.

Unfortunately I don’t have a  picture of the first jean quilt I made but I do have a couple of these that I have done.

I have probably made and sold around six jean quilts over the years.

They are heavy and take a long time to make but I love them because no two are ever the same.

I have never really counted but I am pretty sure it takes around 15 pairs of adult jeans to make one quilt…maybe more.

Time to make one is many, many hours.  I am afraid that if I calculated the hours it took I would never make one again.  I do know that it takes around 30 hours just to put about 500 safety pins to hold it together and do the blanket stitch around the edges and hand tie the rest of the quilt.

IMG_0442This one is also made with jeans but I saved all the coloured jeans I could find.  I actually remember have jeans in some of these colours…really!

I don’t usually give my quilts a name but this one is Neapolitan.  It just reminds me of the ice cream.

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