A few awesome pieces!

The one thing I like about painting furniture is finding the most amazing pieces. Below are just a few of the pieces that I have picked up to work a little magic on.
white cabinet
I really like the old kitchen buffet’s. There is a certain character that they have that I have yet to see in any newer pieces.

When I spotted this short vanity I had to stop and buy it.  It literally goes to just above my knee.  These were typical of English and European pieces.  I am not sure if the women were are short back then or not but this would make an awesome dressing table for a little girl.


Just look at the detail on the drawers!


The piece was missing the mirror but I had previously purchased an antique mirror that I knew would be the perfect addition to this piece.


And last but certainly not least is the terrific little piece that a friend of mine was selling.  An antique washstand.  I don’t buy these pieces to necessarily put in my place but I love working on something different.  Who knows maybe I will keep a few of these pieces for a while after I finish them and maybe I will sell them.


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2 Responses to A few awesome pieces!

  1. Melanie T says:

    Loving your blog like crazy!! I can’t believe how great your pieces turn out.

    How much do you typically sell your creations for? I’m curious!

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