A little elbow grease and voila! SOLD

I found this dresser at a quaint little shop in Brittania Village. It was definitely a real mess but I liked the bones of it and knew I could work a little magic on it.

blue dresserFirst off I should apologize for the quality of the pictures, for some reason my SD card seems to be acting up every so often and the pictures end up looking like they were pieced together.

You can see for yourself that this dresser needed a bit of work.  Whatever paint had been used was tacking and bumpy.  Not even to mention that the paint job was just a tad messy…oh well

blue dresser1I sanded it down to the original paint, I even sanded off where the paint was slapped on in spots and then did some much needed repairs.  I removed the brass keyhole covers and cleaned them up and then was able to get to the job of painting it.

IMG_5045I love the look it has now and you would never know it was the same dresser.  It was done in ASCP Chateau Grey and the 2 top drawers were done in Old White.  To finish it off I gave it a light coat of AS clear wax and buffed it to a perfect finish.  This piece has now found it’s place at the cottage of a customer and I know it will fit in beautifully.

IMG_5048 IMG_5047

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