Newest Additions

When I saw these 3 pieces for sale I couldn’t pass them up.

My original idea was to redo them in chalk paint as I do with just about every piece of wood furniture I come across.

But then I saw the rocking chair as it was unloaded from the trailer and I knew there was no way I could paint it.

This is a Boston rocker and over 125 years old.

This will look great in one of my spare bedrooms.

There is something about the bones of this chair that I felt the need to keep it in it’s original condition.  It is almost as if I could feel it’s past.

rocking chair

The next off the trailer was this antique walnut oval parlour table 32W X 18D X 30H.

I can’t wait to get the brushes out and start on it.


This last piece reminded me of a piece of furniture I had in a cottage 30 years ago.  It is an antique waterfall style buffet 30W X 17D X 46h. When I saw it I knew I wanted to refurbish it with chalk paint.

I can’t wait to start these but that will have to wait a while as I have others that I am working on.


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