My Furniture Addiction

Just like everything I do in life, I never do it half way!

That is the same way it is with my newest passion with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and furniture.

I always thought I had a good size house for just me.

A living room, dining room, family room and kitchen all on the main floor. The basement has been and remains my sewing place and where I store all my yarn for my knitting and crocheting projects.

I just don’t like to be bored or to sit idle for very long.


The living room and hall from the front door to the family room is stacked with furniture.



I guess the dining room is also, since that is where I keep my completed pieces that are waiting to be sold.



I’ve set up a 6 foot folding table between my kitchen and family room to do my painting, sanding and waxing on. I can see outside and don’t feel far from the world…

did I say I live alone…good thing because I don’t think anyone would put up with this.


So I guess this a little insight into my world and I love it!

To be able to come home at the end of the day and do something that not only am I passionate about, it is great therapy for the mind.

I’ve said ‘my crazy life keeps me sane’.

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