More yarn projects

I started making slouch hats for adults in the Fall and they took off like I could never have imagined.

Before I knew it I made over 50 hats including some for children.

slouch hats

When I have some left over yarn from my different projects I don’t like wasting it. I found this great pattern for scrubbies. I bet have made a couple hundred of these.

Most recently I donated a bunch to the P.E.O. Sisterhood convention in Ottawa.

kitchen scrubbies

Here are a few things that I have also made…100% cotton makeup rounds and bag.

A bunch of hair scrunchies.

cotton scrubbies and bag IMG_0913

My daughter in Georgia sent me an email one day with a few links to crochet Mickey and Minnie Mouse outfits for newborns.  She wanted to know if I could make one for someone at her office.  I then made a couple of these and I believe one of them was worn for a babies newborn pictures.  Aren’t they adorable?

minnie outfit minnie

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