One Saturday around noon I received a call from a friend, Kevin, who lives in one of the buildings over where my boyfriend lives. Kevin asked where I was, of course I was at home painting furniture. He preceded to tell me there was this awesome piece of furniture and yes it was solid wood and looked really old. I said I would make a call to Rob and he could go down and help him bring it up for me till I could get there to pick it up.

We are always checking out the recycling room and just outside that room to see if anyone has discarded any treasures. It is amazing what people get rid of!

Well I phoned Rob and being the supportive person he is with all my adventures he said to have the piece brought up to his place. Kevin took a picture as soon as Rob opened the door, it really is true that a picture says a thousand words…


This is the awesome piece that was brought up. I soon forgot about the look on his face in the picture and started to have so many ideas go through my head about what I could do with this piece.


I got the piece home and for now it is in my garage awaiting its transformation. When that happens I will be updating this post!

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