Hockey Jersey Quilt

Ceci, Icelevel.com1935

Cody Ceci…the Ottawa Senators 1st round draft pick. He is the son of my lifelong friend Karen.

While Cody was playing for the Ottawa 67’s he was in the media often being interviewed.

Sportsnet scheduled an interview with Cody chronicling his  game day routine. As a quilter  Karen and I thought it would be awesome to make a quilt from some of his minor league hockey jerseys. With Cody’s permission the challenge was to choose the jersey’s that would be used.  His Team Canada, Senator’s and Germany jerseys were a few of the jersey’s that I was not to use! Imagine making a quilt with a Team Canada jersey. I probably would have been the only person to ever have done this but this was not going to happen.

The interview was scheduled and I had a few weeks to get this quilt finished. No problem…except when I got the urgent email from Karen saying that the Ottawa 67’s office had mixed up the date and the interview was happening on Sunday! Yikes! This was Thursday morning and I was at the office. I quickly booked the next day off. Picked up the jersey’s that night and got to work.



I was really nervous cutting up all Cody’s jerseys. These were his memories from his hockey life growing up. I got to work cutting and cutting and cutting.



As I cut I would lay each piece out on the floor and play around with the look.


I had no idea what the finished quilt would look like but I did know it was going to be pretty awesome.

Friday night and finally I had the jerseys all cut and put the border around each. Now was to take it over to Karen’s and see what layout they wanted. Pictures were taken and off I went home to start sewing.

Cody's quilt2

I needed to have this quilt ready and on Cody’s bed for Saturday night. The television crew were showing up at 9am Sunday morning.


The other challenge was we were missing a jersey from when Cody played for the Peterborough Pete’s team. We had been expecting it to arrive Friday or Saturday but that didn’t happen.
How was I going to have a quilt ready for television when I didn’t have the final jersey.

I figured I could have everything ready minus the last row. We made sure that row was between the bed and wall and wouldn’t be seen. That also meant I would be quilting 3/4 of a quilt and then going back later, inserting the last jerseys and quilting the rest…


The quilt made it on the bed for Saturday night and no one noticed that the one side wasn’t finished. It makes such a statement in Cody’s room and I was proud to have been able to do it for him.

You can see the jersey’s hanging around his bed…would still love to have incorporated them into his quilt! Maybe one day.

Maybe I will be lucky enough to make Cody another quilt with his NHL jerseys!

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3 Responses to Hockey Jersey Quilt

  1. Karen Sylvester-Ceci says:

    I still can’t believe you pulled it off in 2 days! What a miracle worker you are and you did it all on about 3 hours of sleep. The quilt was a HUGE success and everyone who saw the feature on Sportsnet just loved it. Cody and I both owe you a gigantic thank you. I’m so lucky to have such a talented friend and Cody is lucky he didn’t have to be seen under that pink bedspread that I had thrown on his bed temporarily!

  2. Heather says:

    This is beautiful! I’m in the process of planning a jersey quilt as well. Did you use stabilizer? Any other tips you would care to share?

  3. Thanks so much Heather. I did a spray adhesive to keep the jerseys attached to a backing fabric prior to sewing. It allowed me to sew the edges around them without puckering. The backing is flannelette and there is no quilting cotton or batting in it as it is a heavy enough quilt without. They are fun quilts to make but very large to deal with.

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